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In my work speak for me.

About me

“We are visual types and we need to see everything in 3D so Niki had to create a lot of plans until we could see the image of our dream home. It did not disturb her a bit as she understood our situation and aimed to fulfil our needs as much as possible to reach a final result that most suits us.”


“If I need to characterise her with three words: precise, creative, meticulous.”


“I highly recommend TérÉrzék Design Studio to anyone who would like to hold a good price-to-value ratio of their contruction’s or recontruction’s budget. Niki supported the appearance of the interior of our new home with a lot of creative ideas while it was still under construction. She combines the colours well and she also takes the customers’ wishes into consideration in an affordable way keeping the house as liveable as possible.”



Nikolett Sverha