Clean, elegant lines inspired me.

Sverha Nikolett

Engineer, Designer, Blogger

Creative work has been my inspiration all my life. I would have been an architect but life drifted me towards Design so I became an Industrial Design Engineer. At the university it became clear that interior design plays an important and primal role of my life instead of designing technical stuff. So after a bigger detour – from the small Hungarian furniture manufacture to the giant multinational company – I was back to the starting point. On the road I’ve learnt a lot about materials and technologies so I started to make my dream come true utilizing all of them. Mothership gave me the chance to separate myself from daily work routine and to be able to get back to the roots. I restarted studying and putting the knowledge I gained for years into practice. As an Interior Designer my aim is to create such interiors where functionality and the owners’ personality are in line with each other by consciously designing and beautifying the built environment.

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Nikolett Sverha